Our Facilities

We have modern and innovative spaces to accommodate children diagnosed with cancer and their companions for short or long-term periods, preserving an excellent quality of life, family unity, and physical and psychological stability of children and their caregivers.

We are an important supporter within the community of children with cancer cared for at the National Cancer Institute.

Our Spaces

We have a large house with adequate space to receive 30 people. We have 15 rooms, large living rooms, a playground, multiple bathrooms for boys and girls, a laundry area, a dining room, a kitchen, and a terrace.



OPNICER has 15 rooms; each room is furnished with two single beds, a closet, and a bedside table; 5 have a private bathroom complete, nutritious, and balanced diet is part of the commitment to our children and their companions.



It is a pleasant space of retreat intended for prayer

Youth Room


In this space, young people from 12 to 16 years old can establish friendship bonds by sharing activities, experiences, reflections, and teachings to achieve greater integration with their peers. The living room has a television, library, board games, and computers to develop academic activities.

Children's Room


Younger children enjoy games, the library, television, and different activities according to age and development. Children from 3 to 11 years old have various resources of instructive information organized simply, allowing them to approach reading from an early age.

Games Terrace


It is born from the need to recover the time of the "RECREO" at school. Here the children find an open space to carry out playful activities with joy and freedom.



A place for everyone, where activities and celebrations take place.

Laundry Area


The laundry area has the necessary equipment to benefit children and their companions in the hostel.

Dining Area


Counts with four large tables, each with six comfortable chirs.



The hostel has a kitchen with adequate, modern, and certified safe facilities; It has a large inn, three stainless steel dishwashers, two static ovens, a microwave oven, three gas stoves of 4 seats each, with extraction hood, and all the necessary appliances to provide food (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) nutritious, healthy and balanced both children and their companions.

Learning to Fly

We offer our children moments of joy and their parents the necessary accompaniment to face difficult moments. Children continue their educational process and integral formation through recreational activities and academic support.

Our Objectives


We welcome children under 17 years of age with their companions from outside Bogotá and with precarious economic conditions to provide them with the support they require in the face of the uncertainty of a promising future for their children.


The children and their companions receive comfortable accommodation, a complete, nutritious, balanced daily diet, and the toiletries they require during their stay in the hostel.


We generate motivational moments for them through playful and pedagogical activities to maintain a good quality of life.